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Designed for Kids. Field-Tested by Groms. 

Where your Face Seeks Shelter

The story of FORT's  bandanas started one winter when Jill, a long-time snowboarder with a fashion obsession, started making custom facemasks for her own kids as well as those in under her wing as a Snow Sports Instructor. Kiddos were complaining their faces and necks were chilly when left exposed to the elements. A few visits to local gear shops turned up mostly adult-sized face mask options that left a lot to be desired by young kids. With an I-can-design-one-better attitude, Jill started producing weather-tough bandanas for her own little crew that immediately got the attention of the grown-ups, their kids, and fellow on-snow instructors. 

In no time, Jill would start field-testing new designs, fabrics and sizes. What resulted is a functional facemask that is coveted by many of her early Gromdana customers, little skiers and riders,  as their favorite on-snow accessory to stay warm. 

So, Why This Bandana?

They're eye-catching. They do the job they're supposed to do and provide bomber protection from the cold and often chilly chair rides. They're EASY for kids to adjust, as well take on and off, even while wearing into a helmet. They're multifunctional for any outdoor activity that does or doesn't involve snow. They can be spotted easily when you're sifting through the ski bag in the early dawn hours of a cold winter morning. Most importantly, kids actually want to wear them. 

Style & Quality

True to a traditional bandana style (you know, the kind worn by John Wayne, bandits, hipsters, and made popular again by snowboarder, Shaun White back in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games) they form the classic triangle shape and are faced with 100% cotton for the steeze factor, and lined with a bomber wind-blocking softshell layer that provides real protection from the elements. 

100% Handmade

All our bandanas are currently made by hand in the Pacific Northwest, sourcing outdoor specific materials found locally through quality merchants in Portland & Seattle.